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Homework Help: National Economics Math Question

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    To a music consert there were an Income of 85500$
    There were 2 types of tickets sold, one that cost 90$ and one that cost 120$. Totaly there were 800 tickets sold, how many of each ticket was sold.

    Here I Shall use the ordinary math equation M = pxX + pyY and solve the equation, and I have no idea how to solve it!?

    Please Help me
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    You should help us out and let us know what the variables M, px, X, py, and Y stand for, for two reasons:
    1) it makes it easier for us,
    2) It shows us that you know how to interpret that equation.

    You need as many equations as there are unknown variables. Here you have two unknown variables X and Y, the number sold of each type of ticket. You have only one equation so far so you need another one.

    hint: what does X + Y equal?
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