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National Geographic Special: Dinosaurs Decoded

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    Something that might be of interest to those here. It's a National Geographic special entitled Decoding Dinosaurs that will present new theories on dinosaur development. Here is a summary of the show:

    Dinosaurs Decoded is airing 9pm EST October 11th as a prime-time National
    Geographic Channel special.

    With stunning animation, Dinosaurs Decoded brings to life a vision of
    dinosaurs unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Groundbreaking work by famed
    paleontologist Jack Horner, Mark Goodwin, and others reveals
    dinosaur underwent extreme transformations as they grew. They sprouted and
    lost horns and bumps on their skulls. And males shed dull colors for
    startlingly bright ones. A young Triceratops or T.rex may have looked so
    different from its parents you’d have a hard time recognizing it. Horner is
    shaking up his colleagues by suggesting that the transformations were so
    dramatic that up to a third of all known dinosaur species may vanish in
    cases of mistaken identity; they may simply be misclassified youngsters.
    This special for the National Geographic Channel follows Horner and his
    colleagues as they uncover new fossils that suggest dinosaurs may have
    looked and behaved far differently than we ever believed.

    Dinosaurs Decoded is also featured on this National Geographic website.
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