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Medical Natural awakness

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    I wanna know whaqt chemicals can cause you to hallucinate naturally. DMT is released from The Pineal Gland and can cause hallucinations.

    Psychdellics are nothing more than substances that arouse and awaken the mind. They're awareness drugs. So I wanna know is DMT the neurotransmitter that keeps us awake? If not what use do we normally use it for.

    I know that if you have depression or some mental syndromes you could have some hallucinations. Is it DMT flowing throuhg your brain? Assuming we use DMT normally what would happen is we were low on it?
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    Why do you equate hallucinations with being awake? I've been awake every day of my life but never hallucinated. I wouldn't call it 'awakening the mind', I'd probably say it surely confuses the mind.
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    You're only a certain percent awake. You have to take psychdellics to be fully awakened. Caffine is a psychdellic people take every morning to wake themselves up. It's what's called higher states.
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    Now why would one not be fully awake?
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    Not that i'm doubting you, but could you point us at some information that backs up your statements about psychedelic substances and about wakelfulness.
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    You seem to have a misunderstanding of the definition of psychedelics.

    Psychedelic - pertaining to or characterized by hallucinations, distortions of perception, altered states of awareness, and occasionally states resembling psychosis.


    Posting about transcendental awakening, opening your third eye, knowing the universe, etc are not facts.

    Do you actually have any valid medical studies to back up you posts?

    Promoting the use of illegal drugs or legal drugs used illegally or in an abusive fashion is not allowed here.
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    Whoaaa where did you get all that information on me? Yes I've studied dor a pretty good while.Now I don't know if there's any truth to the concept that we only use 10% of our brain power. But however I know we'r enot using the total power.
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    I do not believe that there exists any evidence that drugs can increase your awareness. That is pure speculation, while common justification for drug use I, personally, do not believe that it is valid.

    An altered state of mind is not necessarily "increased awakeness" what ever that means.
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    I have come to believe that the above statement, wide-spread as it may be, has been taken out of its original context.

    It was never meant to suggest that we simply only use 10% of our brains - as if the other 90% does nothing, or worse, does something mysterious. That is a corruption of the initial statement.

    It means that at any given time we are only using 10%. Note that when you do a brain scan to determine activity, you are getting a snapshot of only that moment.

    The brain is compartmentalized depending on activity and skills used. Snap a hundred shots over a day while you're sleeping, showering, eating, dressing, driving, changing a tire, burning yourself with coffee, picking up your email, attending a meeting, playing racketball, solving a differential equation and so on, and you'll surely find that virtually eery part of of your brain is active at one time or another.
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    Yes I've heard that. I actually thought that we use different parts of our brains every fraction of a second. I one thousandth of a second one part could beactive while the next another. Ofr different neurons all over the brain fire at different times. But if you looks at it in time or as we do you see continous brain use. Sort of like a film. It's not moving it's just different still shots moving so rapidly it looks like a continous video.
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    This thread is based on completely incorrect statements. Arousal and hallucinations are not at all the same thing, thus nothing else in the original question is relevant. Thread closed.
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