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Writing: Input Wanted "Natural Born" Androids/Cyborgs

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    At the time my story takes place, humans are in an evolutionary transition period. They have been able to modify DNA/genes so that people can have accessories, so to speak (communicator built into your arm, infrared sight, joints that can sustain falls from great heights, etc.), but very few humans have been born with these modifications. There have been babies that were modified in the womb to be as inorganic as possible, but so far those people ended up being infertile.

    It is also important to note that humans are now living in "city-nations", entire countries that are basically just huge cities. For example, there is a city-nation that runs the entire length of the North American west coast and is thin (Chile style!). Each City has a defining characteristic that gives the city an identity and brings tourism. One of the Cities has a focus on driving this evolutionary step, so it's teeming with a relevant population.

    1. Without further intervention, is there a likely time span for this evolution to take place? What factors will I need to consider?

    2. The few humans that have been born, would their modification be a carbon copy of their parent or is it possible that they will have a unique mod? Related, is it possible to know how long it would take for mutations to appear?

    3. So far I've decided that this kind of technology really took off after humans perfected quantum computing. Is that reasonable?

    I'm sure I'll have more questions as these are answered. Let me know if there's something I've missed!
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    You control that universe, so if you stay consistent and reasonable you can make things happen at the pace that best benefits the story. I sketch out timelines to stay on track. An exposition can be helpful, or it can be turgid. Explaining all this to an alien tourist/visitor might get things going for you?
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    That makes sense. It's nice to know I'm on the right track! Thanks!
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    My rule is "Write what I would like to read."
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    I'm afraid the only thought I keep having is "I wouldn't do it this way." I wouldn't try and pass technology onto our children through their DNA. what I would do instead is inject colonies of nanoids into a child within the first two or three years of their life, and then give the child dietary supplements so that the nanoids could build the components you're thinking about into the child as it develops. I'm torn about whether I should even post this: I might give you a needed insight, or I might screw up everything you've been thinking about. Sorry.
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    I look forward to that day
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