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Natural Death

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    What is the "cause" or meaning of the term natural death?
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    It says here:


    Definitions of Natural Death on the Web:

    * Death by means other than accident or homicide. (G)

    it says here [url]http://www.angelfire.com/rebellion/deathisinevitable/[/url] that:

    Most people would probably agree that it is preferable for a person's death to be a "natural" death - but what does that mean?
    The only definition of a natural death, in medical science, comes from pathologists. Their definition is this; "A natural death is a death that results from a natural disease process, distinct from a death that results from accident or violence."
    All of the smoking related deaths involve natural disease processes; cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema - these are all "natural disease processes". Smoking-related deaths are "natural" deaths.

    Anyways you could probably find other info on it via google, altavista, etc
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    The out of date term, death by natural causes referred to body part failure. Heart attack/failure,brain hemorrhage/stroke, kidney failure and even most cancers fell under this heading. Bacterial and viral are not considered natural.
    Most states in the US now request a more detailed cause.
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    Interesting. I presume from your description with regards to bacterial/viral lethal events, that this is not considered "natural" as a foreign biological agent is the primary causative factor in the eventual death.
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    Yes, the correct cause of death would of been listed as pneumonia, septicemia or influenza or what ever the infection was.
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