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Natural Deduction

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    Does anyone know a set of axioms for natural deductions? One which leads to the rest of the tautologies of the propositional calculus (and,or,not,if,iff) as theorems?

    I want the number of undefined logical operators to be limited to two, either {not,and} or {not,or}.
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    if im not mistaken those logical operators are defined if they werent then how could we use them?
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    For the record, you can build any binary operator out of just nand.
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    what does nand mean?
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    "Not And". It's the negation of the AND relation. The point being that, I believe it has been proven that any digital circuit you can make with the normal boolean operators you can make with NAND gates. Is that right?
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    !A&=A\barwedge A \\
    A\wedge B&=(A\barwedge B)\barwedge(A\barwedge B) \\
    A\vee B&=(A\barwedge A)\barwedge(A\barwedge B)

    For those less familiar with such notation, [itex]!,\wedge,\vee,\barwedge[/itex] mean NOT, AND, OR and NAND, respectively.

    So you can clearly express NOT, AND and OR using just NAND.
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    "NOR" suffices as well.
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