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Natural Frequency

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    What is exact procedure to find the Natural Frequency of a structure....i.e a cube (box) of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels.....i have simulated the Modal Analysis in Ansys...there i got the natural frequency of very low amount ....almost 0.3Hz for First Mode,0.5 Hz for Second Mode and so on......i think it is very less amount .....How can i Practically Verify this Natural Frequency...plz guide me in this area....what about Sine Sweep Test on Shaker....Can i do it on Impact Testing(Hammer+Accelerometer+Signal Analyzer+Data Accquisition ) ?
    Plz tell me some useful links on web or Standard Method ASTM for verifying Natural Frequency of Structure......
    What about Mathematical Modeling of this Cubical Box.
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    No Reply till yet????
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