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Homework Help: Natural number

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    Consider the square root operation. Suppose an integer numbers i > 0 as input variable.
    Design an algorithm which calculates the greatest natural number less than or equal to
    the square root of the input variable i.

    can smby pls explain to me what does this ques mean??if possible explain using some example

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    A natural number just means a positive integer, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    Here are some examples of what your algorithm should do:
    sqrt(1) = 1
    sqrt(2) = 1
    sqrt(3) = 1
    sqrt(4) = 2
    sqrt(5) = 2
    sqrt(57) = 7
    sqrt(170) = 13
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    what can i write for sqrt(i) in the pseudo code for pascal??

    is it just sqrt(i) or any others??
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