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Natural SUSY-MSSM and NMSSM gluino mass bounds @LHC

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    Gordon Kane states that string theory predicts 1.5 TEV Gluinos.
    Tommaso Dorigo

    No deviation is seen in gluino searches. The limit extends to 1.7 TeV, thus ruling out the region favoured by Gordon Kane in a recent paper.
    What's the upper limit gluino masses a 13/14 TEV can produce, and what is the upper limit bounds for Gluino masses for MSSM still to be natural i.e solve the higgs hiearchy problem?

    i.e can gluinos with mass of 1.8 TEV or greater be able to still make the MSSM SUSY natural?

    if the LHC doesn't find any gluino's what are the implications for natural SUSY and MSSM NMSSM?
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