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Natural Units

  1. Jun 18, 2008 #1
    If I had was given a yukawa potential of the form:

    [tex]\text{YL}[\text{r$\_$}]=\left(\left.g_L{}^{\wedge}2\right/r\right) \text{Exp}\left[-\mu _Lr (c/\hbar )\right][/tex]

    I put the c/h in the exponent to make it unitless, but what do I do about the outside?

    i'm given the coupling constant is 0.3. Just 0.3. So should the potential need the units of eV?

    So should i then take what I have and multiply it by "c hbar"? Its an inverse length right now, so i figure "ch" = "m eV s/s"
    is this right?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
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