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Naturalism vs Creationism

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    Hi. I just wanted to ask experts on here for their opinion on the following email I received. Thanks in advance to all respondents.

    The email reads:

    "Naturalism is a biased worldview just like Creationism. Actually there is a catch 22 when it comes to the formation of the universe as well as the spontaneous formation of life. I will try to give examples and not just give generalities. The law of conservation of mass and energy says that matter cannot be created or destroyed. It is possible to use energy to create matter, but that energy would have to come from somewhere. It could not always have existed and let me tell you why. We still have hot and cold in the universe. If it had always existed, the second law of thermodynamics would have made everything the exact same temperature. The universe itself is a closed system and yet there are still suns burning and frozen comets. Saying those were always there is like finding a cup of hot coffee and assuming it had always been hot and always would be. So it had to come from somewhere. But where? What existed before empty space was created?

    Also, life is simply biology fighting its inevitable return to chemistry. Chemistry then is death. It is more stable. Every single natural law we have says things are going to go from more complex, to less complex. We have no other scientific example of something spontaneously forming. Thinking it could is ridiculous. But why is that ignored? You cannot tell me that scientists saw all the evidence for it and came up with that conclusion. It of course it their best guess if God did not do it, but the evidence is not on their side."
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Religion is not discussed here.
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