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Nature of energy

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    viewing a single wave, crest to crest, lets see what its made of, major parts, excluding complicated discoveries, just the plain and simple wave: wave length and Amplitude (and of course new discoveries like longitudal, and scalar waves, and harmonics etc., but I wont get into that here?)

    Viewing a detatched wave, you start to realize what a wave really is. lets say you have complete control of the singe wave. it is standing still now, it has no frequency. you speed it up, yet it is still that same single wave. of course you then after thinking (instantly, or a while) remember, or figure out that DUH! its just a simple movement of energy, but then what is energy. Definition defines it as movement of energy, but of course what could possibly cause a movement of energy? why does energy move? how does energy move? I do not know. why is it moving, and how?
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    a wave would move if energy is applied, as in work done. a wave is just a transfer of energy. the wave includes a initial displacement in which you apply energy, and the waves moves (conservation of energy) bringing that energy along.
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