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'Nature of the chemical bond' By L.Pauling

  1. Jun 18, 2005 #1
    I recently scoured through Amazon to find a somewhat decent chemistry book, and these are the list of books I am interested in at the moment:

    Advanced chemistry 1,2 by Phillip C Matthews of Trinity college Dublin
    Nature of the chemical bond by l.Pauling

    I got the first 2 books by matthews, and are better than i expected. However the second book, while scouring through libraries to look for it ending in failure, i have only heard superficial 'popularity' rather than much detail on its content.

    So my question is: Does anyone have this book by L.Pauling? And to you, is it good or bad or 'decent'?
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    I have "The Chemical Bond" by Pauling; Cornell University Press, 1967, which is simply a slightly abridged version of the classic work cited by you. This is an excellent book, and much more readable (and less daunting) than the original (which I have looked at in the library).

    But this book is much harder to find than the original. I was fortunate enough to buy it at a used book sale for $0.25 !!!
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