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Navier Stokes?

  1. Oct 29, 2009 #1
    I need to answer this problem:
    The interface between two media is positioned along the plane [itex]x_3=0[/itex]. Medium 1 is a Newtonian incompressible fluid which occupies the region [itex]x_3 \le 0[/itex].
    i)assuming the velocity and pressure fields in the fluid are given, determine the traction(?) that medium 2 exerts onto the fluid along the interface.
    ii)now assume that only the velocity field in the fluid is known and that medium 2 is an inviscid fluid under pressure [itex]p^{(2)}=P[/itex]. What is the fluid pressure at the interface?

    Is this an application of the NS equations....I'm sorry for the vague question but I'm a little lost on how to approach the question...
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