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Navigating with Waves Energy

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    Navigating with Sea Waves Energy

    The present invention concerns an engine of navigation working in the
    Energy of sea waves, the undulations, the streams etc. Navigating on sea,
    Lake, ocean or any surface of water shaken by waves
    The device according to the invention, aims at supplying a means of
    Navigation's appropriate (clean) and easy to have a practice it can be
    Additional in the other means of navigation's.
    The device according to the invention allows the navigation. By converting
    The movements, the oscillations right-left an/dor front-back or high down.
    Converted in a Horizontal directional push. These energies have an
    Uncomfortable and unexplored incidence.
    This device experimented on a prototype-reduced scale and it works
    Perfectly. I can do the demonstrations
    This device doing the conversion, a part of the oscillations. (Friction,
    Level variations vertical), to a horizontal push
    In fact any variation of the boat level, is attenuated and converted to a
    One-way horizontal push. In fact this device converting the tow ways
    Potential Energy up/down to one way Kinetic Energy
    A similar device is used in aviation's since one century with success. But
    In an opposite applications. On the airplanes, the power generated by the
    Engines, jet pushing the aircraft foreword, the wings and wings throttles
    (Clapets) convert a part of this power in a vertical push.

    http://pageperso.aol.fr/Kneiderf/Navigation.html [Broken]
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