Nazi Occupation Of Temple Mount


    Subj: FW: guest book note From: Jerusalem Mayor's office To: DBA

    Dear Mr Ben-Ariel,

    In Jerusalem, religious sites are supervised by the relevant religious authority. Fot this reason, the Temple Mount, which is now covered by Muslim sites, is under the control of the WAQF. Only Islamic prayers are permitted as a result - just as Moslem and Christian prayers would be inappropriate at a Jewish site. The matter of visits to the Temple Mount by adherents of other religions than Islam is under review by the Israeli Government.

    I would like to point out that your use of the word Nazi as a generic term for authoritarianism cheapens the Holocaust and the unparralleled experiences of those who went through it at the hands of the real Nazis. I am quite sure that, however unpleasant you found your treatment at the hands of the Arab guards of the Temple Mount, it bears absolutely no relation to the treatment of the Nazis towards their victims.

    Mori Glaser (Ms) Deputy International Affairs Advisor to the Mayor of Jerusalem

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    Christian prayer forbidden on Temple Mount

    Why does Israel permit militant Muslims to continue to occupy Judaism's holiest site: the Temple Mount? Why are Christian-Zionists and Jews ILLEGALLY forbidden to pray upon the Temple Mount by Arab-Nazi guards? I was quietly reading my Bible once upon the Temple Mount and was taken away, into protective custody! Why not REMOVE THE THREAT? Where's the "freedom of access" Israel promises?


    Dear Ms. Glaser, Toda raba for promptly responding to my legitimate concerns about verboten Jewish and Christian prayers upon the judenrein Temple Mount. Please understand that my use of the term Nazi was on purpose considering how I was rudely treated by the Arab fascists and witnessed the ugly face of their militant Muslim mentality that easily morphs into Hitler's henchmen: "When the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem visited Hitler on November 30, 1941, he told him the German Reich was "admired by the whole Arab world." "The Arabs were Germany's friends because they have the same enemies as had Germany, namely the English, the Jews and the Communists." (Documents on German Foreign Policy publicized by the Philadelphia Trumpet magazine, May 2003/

    Please understand, therefore, that it is not I who take this serious matter lightly, but those kapos of compromise, those Jewish accomplices to Muslim occupation of Judaism's holiest site! They are the guilty ones who have foolishly forgotten or purposely ignored this history and "cheapened the holocaust and unparalleled experiences of those who went through it at the hands of the real Nazis." The thoughts and actions of the terrorist Wakf are those of "real Nazis."

    It's past time the Nazi occuation of the Temple Mount come "under review." I am a witness to their sinful crimes (they've broken both Israeli and biblical law) and testify against them. May Israel soon give them das boot!
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  3. Though I'm interested in your thoughts(just in case), you are not getting through to the people here, you are in the wrong forum, and you are starting a thread that can't possibly be disscussed.
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  4. Everything religious has political ramifications and vice versa. The issue of the Temple Mount suffering under a Nazi-Muslim occupation can and ought to be discussed. What steps, if any have the Israeli government taken to insure the safety and guarantee of non-Muslims religious rights upon the Temple Mount? What should be done? Should the UN take over? (God forbid!). Will this lead to war, etc.
  5. You are correct, but because this site is secular, your arguments based on the Bible are not generally accepted as having any merit. You might get some of that in the religion forum, I don't know, I don't go there often. Also, with the way you post these things, you will likely be kicked off the board and then no one will hear your message.
  6. Hmmmm...all these threads of yours seem to be communications between you and other people, right? Do you have the permission of the other parties involved to post their communication with you?
  7. Shmuel in Israel says to post anything of his wherever I so please, as far as the Jerusalem mayor's office I doubt they would want their stupidity to show but I never asked for their permission since I didn't think it was necessary as long as their email address isn't advertised. Yah?
  8. All of your threads are pointless...
  9. I agree with Mori Glaser that you are misusing the word Nazi.
  10. BTW, as far as I am concerned, I don't care how 'holy' the site is, we deal in reality around here, not millenia-old mythology-based land claims.
  11. Boulderhead's right, I looked up 'Nazi' and it is more correctly 'nazi' or 'fascist', as the Nazi's don't exist anymore.

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    David - I'm an Italian, Catholic (non-practicing) American who strongly supports Israel. I'm usually at odds with Zero on everything; but not this. Please state your opinions, not your friend's and sans biblical references. Perhaps than you may have an interesting exchange.
  13. I agree with Zero too.... very worrying!
  14. Re: You will need flash to see it...

    This will probably be interpreted as leftish BS....
    I like it though
  15. I don't get it, what does this have to do with nazi occupation of the Temple Mount?
  16. For me, It's about wondering what it will take to get adult human beings to stop acting the way they do.
    Personally, I think Zero's giant parking lot scenario is also a contender.
  17. Re: Re: You will need flash to see it...

    I kinda thought more on the lines of stoned and on acid
  18. I really don't think the flora and fauna should have to pay for mankinds inability to reign in their violent tendancies. I personally think all violent, fanatical people should drink magic kool-aid and be used for compost. We can call it multi-tasking to peace.:wink:
  19. suggest a 'final solution', kat?

    I prefer a combination of paving over holy site and dropping Wendy's Frosties and porn on them. A cool drink and an end to sexual frustration could go a long way towards peace.
  20. I love flora and fauna, don’t get me wrong, but admit to placing a higher value on human life, especially the innocents (I’d make a lousy environmentalist, I suppose). The only problem I see with the magic kool-aid plan is that not all the fanatics will voluntarily drink the stuff. The Colossal Calmer Karma Crab with Big Benevolent Balloon Baby and Platitudimus likely couldn’t be any worse of a failure than everything else tried so far.
    Perhaps if some happy party gerbilloons were thrown into the equation it would help to calm even more rage;
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