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Nazi UFO's. solution to UFO sightings?

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    Nazi UFO's. solution to UFO sightings?????

    A while back i saw an interesting program on discovery about the nazi's UFO program in WW2. For those who don't know they attemted to create UFO like planes so that a runway was not needed to take off. As astounding as it might sound:bugeye: it also said that after the war in a flood of german engineers entering USA, the USA military also tried to create a UFO like plane. This supposedly sparked off the famed UFO sightings on the farms, sometimes near Air Force bases.

    Can this reason tell us why several UFO's were sighted in the USA, due to Air Force test "planes".
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Nazi UFO's. solution to UFO sightings?????

    Are you referring to the investigation by Nick Cook?

    UFOs: The Secret Evidence
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-834605691449249469&q=UFO [Broken]
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