Near Death Studies - Consciousness After Death

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  2. I don't think it is bogus. I myself had a near death experience, and would love to see scientific studies done to gather evidence. We don't know what consciousness IS, and it could be a huge leap for man to understand that.
  3. Care to elaborate on your experience?

    I would really like to hear what happend to induce such an 'experience'
  4. I had passed out and hit my head on concrete. I didn't have one of the "elaborate" stories that many books have written about, but I was going towards the light, and a voice commanded "GO BACK, it is not your time". Then I woke up with everyone surrounding me, an "aww shucks" kind of feeling that I was back on earth, and then the pain hit....... Probably only about 20 seconds that I was out.

    I do remember back in college, in psych we talked about being able to electrically stimulate a part of the brain to create the "light at the end of the tunnel" syndrome. But I think there is much more to be learned than that experiment alone.
  5. From
  7. Cool. Both of those posts have excellent information! And no, it definitely doesn't prove anything for or against NDEs. But me PERSONALLY, I do believe now that we have souls. I don't know if the OP wants to wander into the realm of Remote Viewing, but I believe they are all somehow interconnected. I believe there could possibly be a "button" in the brain that can be "pushed" with drugs (above listed), electrical stimulation, or like me, trauma, to make the soul exit the body. And I think it is possible that if remote viewing is REAL, (well, a few governments have definitely done a LOT of testing on it, that says something to its validity) that these people are capable of "pushing their own button" to make the soul leave the body. Can anything like that EVER be proved? I have no idea. But I would like to see science try.
  8. The fact that governments would expend taxpayers money in something says nothing about the validity of the idea.
    Experiences made with astronauts and people inside nuclear submarines under the arctic ice revealed results not very different than those due to chance.
  9. Very true, very true. And just because you read books on it and see documentaries on tv doesn't mean its valid either. They are always jaded in one way or another. So my thinking it has some validity is my naive understanding of what went on in that program. I won't say it IS 100% valid, but I won't say it is bunk either. :wink:

    I hadn't heard about that one. But it takes me back (again) to psychology where we did a predictability test by flipping a coin 10 times and guessing what it would be. Some people predominantly got 90%. (I always get 40%)

    But I am dragging this off topic, sorry! I will say no more about remote viewing unless Gold Barz wants to.......

    That could be another possibility for the visual experience people report after death
  11. The one thing I always wondered is, when people die, leave the body, see other people they knew, jesus, or angels; do they see clothes on these people? When you see your grandma, do you see her face, just sense her presence, just here her voice? Some people claim seeing people wearing clothes and all. If this is the case, then I would say that what those people saw came from their own brain and its memory because a soul couldn't wear clothes.
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    Conclusion: It ain't heaven if you can't see grandma naked? :biggrin:

    Why would you even see bodies? Why would you see? Even if we assume that the mind somehow exists beyond the brain and after death, anything that you experience would by definition all be in your mind.
  13. Maybe when your "soul" leaves the body, you can see through the eyes of alive people. That would be cool. You could like see through everyones eyes at once.
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    Well, I think we are getting way off-topic now. :smile:
  15. I attended a lecture by a guy doing research into this at Cambridge. He said he had managed to achieve the same in patients as NDE by using various tranquillisers. Pity it was about 10 years ago and I can't remember most of it. Suffice to say he speculated that this was nothing more than a state readily achievable given certain stimuli conditions or lack there of. Probably the fact that it relates to our images of death is some sort of coincidence, but I can see how not fearing death would be a comfort to people anyway.
  16. Would he be Dr. Karl Jansen, that I mentioned in my previous post?
    I don't think it is a coincidence. The images are real. The fact that people associate them to the afterlife is that in western culture heaven is thought to be a place of much light.
    The fact that many people have described their experiences and that it has been amply reported, is another factor that induces people to think they have visited the other side.
  17. Yes indeed that's the fellow, he was only a PhD student back then and that was his thesis. Interesting lecture, ketamine, that's it. He got his Dphil from Oxford as well. Memory burp.

    Sorry I only skimmed your post.
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  18. Hallucination

    I had this sort of hallucination and thought I visited the other side. Quite a rush.
  19. I've heard that deaf people have had NDE. How would the noise figure into their experience?
  20. The noise in the neurons is visual, not auditive.
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