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Near Earth Orbit(NEO) access

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    Do you believe or is it possible to reach NEO with balloons or SGV's (specific gravity vehicles)?
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    Well, achieving orbit requires two components:
    - altitude
    - speed
    Balloons may conceivably get you the former, but you're still gonig to need some sort of propulsion to attain the 7mi/s velocity to stay there. And I think, betweent the two, that's the lion's share of the effort.
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    What is a 'Specific Gravity Vehicle'?

    Like Dave said,

    You can get very close to space with balloons and aircraft. You can't get to orbit with them. Still, they are much less expensive than a rocket launch for things which just need to be 'up' and not in a microgravity environment.
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    MR. P, could you elaborate on what you mean by NEO?

    I generally think in terms of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) or GEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit).

    From Dave Darling's site
    NEO usually refers to orbits of Near Earth Objects (NEOs), i.e. asteroids or comets, which have a close approach with earth, but those are usually beyond GEO altitude (~ 22,241 statute miles, 35,786 km).

    Balloons or very light aircraft are not going to do much to get to LEO.

    from http://www.hobbyspace.com/NearSpace/ .

    Perhaps you are referring to Near Space?
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    Elevating the ignorant

    I want to thank all of you for your contributions. The primary reason for me joining this forum was to subject my blatant ignorance to your patient guidenance and nurturing and you have done an excellent job of keeping the giggling to yourselves. Many people like myself interpret their environment differently ie 'sgv's' or from my perspective specific gravity vehicles.....
    Through these forums and with the character and knowledge level of the respondents this site is an invaluable resource for the equivalent of peer review and education. I

    I am a grandfather looking for places that my grandchildren can 'hang out' without parents or grandparents worrying about what and where their treasures are spending their time. I will without reserve recommend the 'Physics forum' to anyone interested in higher education and the pursuit of intelligent communication....

    Thank you again for setting the higher standard...

    frank MR. P
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