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A Near field zone\affect

  1. Jun 26, 2017 #1
    My apologies in advance if I chose the wrong prefix.

    Can saturation point of the near field affect be increased in coverage\distance? I know it says one wavelength, but if that wavelength is seventy five feet? Is it possible to to saturate an area of say 20'x 30'? and if so, would the power usage simply be too great to accomplish this?

    Thank you for your time

    Robert D
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    If I understand the matter correctly, I think the main problem you will run into is that not only is the near field effect a function of the wavelength, but also the size of the source. That is, the near Field's size is on the same order of magnitude in size as the source. So, for a 10x10 meter near field, you'd need a very large wave source.
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    Forgive me, I am just starting my to research this matter.

    Are you talking the size of the transmission antenna, as I understand this it's directly related to the frequency, so a 13.56Mhz would create a coil totaling 72' +- of wire. The 20'x 30' I threw out was arbitrary, but if I used this wavelength and say transmission & receiving coils of 3' dia (roughly 8 wrapped coils), would it be possible to saturate a chamber ten foot square? I'm guessing I'd need an RFG somewhere in the range of 5Kw's or higher if it's possible at all.

    Ultimately what I am trying to find out is can this experiment be repeated at varying distances if you used a more powerful RFG and spread the transmission and receiver antennas out to wider coils?

    John Kanzius video: https://youtu.be/4fYc_MRG2wM

    Thank you for any help and opinions.

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    Thank you, I actually answered my own question about an hour after my second post on this subject.
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