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Necessary for a function

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    My Question is what 3 things are necessary for a function to be continuous at c?
    I have Right hand must exist, left hand must exist
    and right and left hands must be equal. I was told that this is worng.
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    f(c) must exist

    limit of f(x) as x approaches c must exist

    limit of f(x) as x approaches c must equal f(c)

    you were confusing continuity with the properties of one-sided limits that states if the right hand limit equals the left hand limit, then the limit as a whole exsists.
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    A function that is differentiable is always continuous
    A function that is continouos is not always differentiable

    Therefore, your left and right hands notion is wrong. Think about the corner. It is cts but not diffble.
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    If f(x)= x for x< 0
    and f(x)= x for x> 0

    Then both left and right sided limits exist and are both 0, of course, but f is not continuous at x= 0 because f(0) is not defined at x= 0.

    That's called a "removable discontinuity" because you can make the function continuous just by defining f(0) to be 0, but then you have a different function.

    Exercise: Is f(x)= (x2- 4)/(x- 2) continuous at x= 2?
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