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Necessary, I need Ode pls enter

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    Hi 2 all

    Necessary i need ode that's have no general sol nd I need also an ode thats i can solve it with more way

    i hope 2 found it .. thanks all i w8
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    any one can help me .. how i solve an ode with different methods .. or what the eq that's no sol and why?
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    Look through the chapter titles of your differential equations book. You'll probably find that the entire thing is giving you methods for solving ODE's. Some of them are numerical methods, and some of them give you "closed form" solutions.
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    Hello there young_eng,

    To start, I would request the use of proper English as per PF guidelines.

    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here, do you just want the materials to learn or are you looking for specific examples?

    As JDoolin points out, your textbooks will have many examples of each. If you could clarify the above, I will try to help a bit more.

    As a start, here are some of the resources I use as reference:
    The materials within should help, and hopefully will be roughly what you're looking for.

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    yes , i need First Order ODE specific examples . it is a report requir from us in our college

    we finshed First Order ODE but i can't solve an eq with 5 methods, but i found some eq that's have no answer but i dont know why ?

    sorry 4 my delay replay
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    help me pleeeeeeeeas
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    Im not at home right now, it's 10pm on a friday night here. I will give more help once im at my computer.

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    okay , thanks 4 ur help

    i w8 u sir
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    pls any one can write an eq with many solves and and an eq have no general solution
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    By the way, Physics Forums Policy is that we're not allowed to give answers to homework problems, and technically, this should be in the homework help forum.

    As far as five methods, I can think of linear ODE's, exact ODE's, and separable ODE's. I'm sure those are among the five methods; but I don't know what the other two are. Some equations can be solved by more than one method.

    When you say "no answer," I'm pretty sure you mean "closed-form solution."

    They still have "an answer," but you have to approximate it with numerical methods such as Euler's method, or the Runge-Kutta method.
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    ok I understand what we mean by no solution " closed-form solution" . that's very nice

    Now i want to know how i solve an equation with 3 methods ? with any method i begin
    can we have an homogeneous equation and it is exact in same time ?

    thanks all
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    Young_eng, if you read the link I gave you, under First Order ODE it gives you all you are looking for:

    Separable, Exact, Linear, Implicit and Existance and Uniqueness Theory.

    Please read this, it gives examples of each form, but due to guidelines we cannot provide you with direct answers (specific examples).

    This page covers pretty much everything you need for the whole subject area and I would recommend you use it.

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