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Need a basic light Microscope

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    I would like to purchase a Microscope. I just need a basic light Microscope, possibly for Biology work. I am a 10th grader and I got to use one at school for then 2nd time in 3 years. I really wish that I could look through one more often.

    I don't want to spend, or I should say my parents don't want to spend too much more than $300US.

    I was thinking about the Celestron Biology Microscope. Any other suggestions? I will probably get it from Amazon.com

    By the way, do Microscopes come with the glass slide and cover slip? Where can I get those cool slides with butterfly legs and stems on them? My teacher said at a supply warehouse, which isn't too specific.
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    My microscope (if I still have it) cost about $100 15 years ago and was bought at Toys R. Us. It went up to 900x magnification. It was a truly wonderful "toy." Today for probably about that much you can get one with a webcam attached for viewing on a computer. Mine came with a couple of dozen slides with things on them (and you can get more as accessories in the same store) plus spare slides and cover slips.
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    A Microscope from Toys R Us eh?

    Aren't those meant for kiddies? Are you sure that is wise for me to do?

    Not that I am questioning you, it just seems kind of odd...
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