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Need a bit of advice here!

  1. Feb 24, 2012 #1
    Hey all,

    I am a new member and actually found this website doing research on mah wee little dilemma. I am currently workin on a BGS (dont hurt me!) with a focus on leadership (im scientastic, i promise!). I was workin on my BS in physics but had to move to help out some family. The issue is that there are no physics programs within a reasonable distance. I have found some options for an online BS so that is part 1: Is an online worth it, where will I get my lab experience, etc etc.

    The other question is whether I can kick bum on my GRE, cover some pre-reqs and jump into a master's of science in physics of of that BGS (blinks as photon streams are launched at me), I am looking to finish off with a P.H.D. in either astrophys or nuclear phys ( i always say that then I start thinkin about medical phys, particle phys, quantum phys...sigh) ok so I will be going for a PHD in "some" form of physics lol (im too interested in all of it). I would like this option simply because im 3 semesters from finishing that "one" degree (flinches), and it would be the quickest and least debt producing option. Just looking for some advice.

    Thanks people!
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