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Homework Help: Need a bit of help on Project on Stars

  1. May 2, 2012 #1
    Hello all, new here, so I hope this would be the best forum for it to go into.
    Anyway, for school we have to do a project on any subject we want, and tie it into what we've been studying in physics. I selected stars, and I'm having a bit of trouble tying it into everything.
    What we've done so far is Mechanics, Light, Heat and Sound.
    Light and Heat should be no problem, but mechanics and heat are proving difficult.
    For mechanics so far, I've dealt with Gravity and its' relationship with stars, but beyond that I'm kinda lost. I'm still in Secondary school, 5th Year (Irish Education system, I think about the equivalent of 11th grade in the American system, if there is one), so we haven't done anything too complex with Mechanics. We've done Scalars, Vectors, Acceleration, Equations of Motion, Gravity & moments.
    So, anyone able to help me connect any of those with stars?

    Sound I haven't started on, but I think that will prove difficult, so if anyone can help with that either, that'd be great.
    Many thanks,
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