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Homework Help: Need a bit of help ^^

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    Hey guys I need a little help with my physics project
    It's a private investigation, and I've decided that my topic would be:
    The rate the propeller spins vs. the angle of attack of the wind.
    Ive decided to change the variable by changing the angles the flap faces towards the wind (generated by a fan).
    I can record the motion by using a motion detector on the computer, thanks to the physics department of out school..
    So basically what I need to know is:
    what would be the best way to make the propeller (what material)
    How would I change (by rotating the flap maybe?) the angle of attack
    How can I make it so the wind gernerated by a normal electric fan is strong enough to make the propeller spin

    AND any useful suggestions..? :confused:

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    Use a light plastic. You ought to be able to buy such a thing at a novelty store or, if you can't find such, go to a hobby store and ask about propellors for model airplanes. Get the largest one you can. Now, remove the propellors (carefully!) from the hub and devise a way of attaching them to a hub at different angles.
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