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Need a book

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    Hi Everyone... I need some help. I have read everyones threads on text books for modern physics. I am currently writting a new course in modern physics for my high school. The problem I am having is finding a text book, or even several smaller books that do not use calculas. I am hoping to cover the following topics (none in any great detail, as this will be an 18 week course) Relativity, Quantum, Elementary Particles, Nuclear and Cosmology. I have already looked at the Serway, Thornton and Rohr books. All have great content, but the math is way over the head of my students. I have to come up with a curriculum and book for the course before June 9th. Help:eek:

    PS does anyone know if the halliday & resnick book is still in print??
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    HRW is still in print, but it's a calculus based book. You said that the math is over the heads for your students using Serway which is the same level...

    Giancoli and Walker are simpler, algebra based textbooks that should have all of those topics in there.
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