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Need a clie on how to build a Laboratory scale using strain gages

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    Need a help on how to go about building a Laboratory scale using strain gages

    I need to build a scale with a working range of 2 to 200 gm, an accuracy of at least 2 gm, footprint of no more that 16 in sq, and use no more that 6 strain gages.

    I believe I need to set up the strain gages in wheatstone bridge format. But thats about all i know. What kind of calculations do i need, where do i start, then whats the next step?
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    I'd start with the datasheet for the strain gauge. That should have some application hints on it. Otherwise, google strain gauge bridge, and you should get some good hits. Here's the first hit I got with that google:

    http://zone.ni.com/devzone/conceptd.nsf/webmain/C83E9B93DE714DB08625686600704DB1?OpenDocument [Broken]
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