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Need a glue that will withstand 250°C or 350°C

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    To fixate some tiny wires for reflow soldering I need a glue that will withstand 250°C or 350°C and can be removed later. It should also not "sweat" or dissolve in tin so the solder stays clean.

    I have thought about gypsum (plaster) and I hope it's removable with acid. But I fear it will get crumbly, isn't sticky enough and not nice to use.

    Do you have any suggestions? I am sure there must be something water based. If salt would only be more sticky, and sugar wouldn't burn...

    Being common in chemistry labs would be a plus, but not a prerequisite.
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    Re: Glue

    What sort of surface are you trying to stick the wires to?
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    Re: Glue

    The surface matters little to me since it is just supposed to support the structure while soldering. The insulation materials involved are sapphire and capton, the contacts are gold.
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    Re: Glue

    I would not call plaster acid soluble.

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    Re: Glue

    High-temperature silicone or PDMS (poly dimethoxysilane--silicone for micro/nanofabrication types)? Especially if you let it mould around whatever it is you're trying to hold in place.

    To dissolve it, there are a few products on the market that might work that you can find in your local hardware store (DAP Silicone-Be-Gone can be found at Home Depot and Rona if you're in Canada) which I've never used. But for PDMS, there's a product called Dynasolve that works wonders for some friends / colleagues of mine.

    There's a product from MG Chemicals that's meant for stripping various conformal coat / potting / encapsulation chemicals (of various compositions):
    http://www.mgchemicals.com/products/8310.html [Broken]

    Either way, I'd advise you to test it out on, say, a glass slide or something before doing it for real (the application of the adhesive, temperature treatment, and then subsequent attempt at strip).
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    Re: Glue

    That sounds promising. The temperature is still a little low. It seems anything breaks down at 260°C the latest, but I can probably tweak a bit with the flux.
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