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Need a good Introduction to Circuit Analysis book

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    Need a good "Introduction to Circuit Analysis book"

    I am studying to be an EE and will be taking my first circuits, and computer engineering classes this fall and would would really like to get a head start on the material. The text book for the circuits course is "Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis" by J. David David Irwin. I do not know what the text book for the computer engineering course will be. I have heard that the circuits book is not that great and the example problems are not that helpful. The only experience I have with circuits was in my physics 2 course(basic RC, RL LC and LRC circuits). Any one have any recommendations?
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    Well, in order to save some money I'd recommend purchasing the book (since you will need it anyway) and try going through it for yourself. Since neither of us are familiar with this book why not get aquainted with it asap. Questions you may have can then be posted and if it still seems like a tough read perhaps a recommendation can then be made.

    Good luck
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