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Need A Help !

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    I need a help in selecting my new presentation topic my teachers always use to say that the topic should be very recent and in researchs of present time,i am Space and Astro physics student doing M Sc.Please help me to find out the most recent Research topic in this subject except black hole etc which are most common things which are being and had studied in past.The topic should not be so mathematiccal it just depend upon thoeries because duration of my presentation is of 5 6 minutes just !
    i am waiting for your kind suggestions....
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    Exoplanets, quasars, solar neutrino problem, X-ray astrophysics, Gamma ray astronomy, Tests of GR, Cosmic Microwave background, pulsars.

    Most research lately from those topics is in exoplanets, x-ray/gamma ray astronomy, and tests of GR. Theres plenty of stuff about the CMB and pulsars and quasars are always interesting.
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    Thanks Alot!
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