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Need a little help with japanese

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    Hi all,

    can anyone tell me the possible meaning of this word << ハイド >> ?

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    It means water I believe.
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    Both BabelFish and Google translate it to "Hydro." So, I guess, Kurdt has it right. Water/pertaining to water.
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    The text in the OP reads haido, not haidoro. Unless there is a missing "ro" character (which looks like a square), this Japanese is probably a transliteration of the English word "hide", or the name "Hyde". Some context would help.
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    jimmysnyder u are a godsend. THX!

    Well i am currently watching an anime " Black Blood Brothers"(BBB).

    And one of the ability of a character is " <<ハイド >> hand ".

    Had a roll with a person when correcting the wiki page of BBB. he says that it is ハイド means hydro.(u can go and check the history)

    but it doesn't make sense, since the animation itself didn't show water being at work, instead it is some ability that seems to use telekinesis power. Also the translation done by fan sub translates as "hide hands". Thats why i had some doubts.

    Thx again. :)
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    Whether it is hide, or hydro, depends upon whether there is a "ro" character. However, I did find several sites that support the "hide" camp. Here's one.

    http://www.digimonpalace.nl/animefuture/?p=36 [Broken]

    When his team hesitates he throws Mimiko on the ground and shoots at Wong. But the bullets stop in the air in front of her (this technique seems to be called Hide Hand).
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