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Need a opening

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    Well i am at the last year of high school and school just started today. They scary part is that we have to get ready to apply for University with 3-4 months. However, before we get there i need help on studying skills and work habits as ill be honest i didnt have the best grade 11.


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    from Muroc:
    Why? For whatever reason, you can apply, either in paper applications or online to each institution. Counseling may be necessary to decide where you might apply and what major field, if any, you could choose.
    So you had one bad year. How were your grades 9 and 10? If you still have significant numbers of courses of poor credit, you will not be ready for a university. With your possibly 2 good years and 1 bad year already, are you presently qualified for the universities? If not, ...
    ... all is not lost. You must be more dedicated in your 12th grade year and study regularly; learn to read your textbook pages for the lessons several times and organise your work as you do it; maintain your instructional notebooks of classroom attendance and study from them; ask yourself questions as you read some of your assigned book pages and try to answer them as/before you read the next passages.
    Also, in case universities do not accept you, attending community colleges is a good way to build the academic strength which you may be lacking. This does NOT mean that you could afford to work lightly in your twelvth year with the assumption of going to c.c. before university. If you try that, you may put yourself a semester or more behind when you even start at a community college.
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    Thank you symbolipoint,

    It's people like you that get people like us motivated.

    Thanks again

    - Maroc
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