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Need a router recomendation

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    Hey kids! I've come to PF seeking a recomendation for a wireless router. I moonlight and do IT work when I can. This office originally had a lot fewer computers and worked fine using a generic Linksys wifi router. The office has grown considerable since then and with the addition of several new laptops and workstations, I've got a total of 15 wifi workstations, plus 2 wifi print servers. The accounting system they use is windows based implementing dbase as the data store. The accounting system is flakey and not well written but we are stuck with it for now. I occationaly get overflows and write errors during postings that make my job a pain since I have to go and trip flags in the tables to undo file locks, partial postings, ect. Plus, the DHCP server in the router occationally flakes out and quits renewing IP's. I probably have to reset the router at least once a week. Can anyone recomend a decent wifi router that isn't the SOHO stuff you find at Office Depot. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the recomendation Greg. I appreciate the help and will research the one you suggested.
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