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Need A Small Accelerometer

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    I need something small to put on my hand to that can detect movement. I've been thinking of a piezoelectric sensor but I don't know much about them (I don't know much about anything electric). Can I use this to detect movements in my hand?
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    Google it. Accelerometers: Analog Devices ADXL202, Memsic MXD2125.
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    I googled them but i need to get a picture of how big these accelerometers are. For example are they peanut sized or bigger?
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    I think this is helpful.
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    It seems late to ask, but: "What's it for?"
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    Basically I want to track my hand movements when doing different activities such as shooting a basketball, or swinging a baseball bat.
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    Actually I think I'm going to need just small motion sensors. I'm going to put one that measures horizontal movements and one that measures vertical movement put the problem with the accelerometers is that it's too big.
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