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Need a strong valve

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    I have a hand pump that I use to pump air out of things with and the plastic valves that I use keep failing eventually. Either from being under too much pressure, or from being under pressure for too long. I guess there's like a diaphragm in the valve that weakens and begins to leak.
    Here's an example of the valves that I've been using.

    It needs to be that big to fit the hand pump, but I guess I could rig something up to make it work if I had a valve of a different size.

    Apparently those valves are too weak. Does anyone here know of an alternative that I could use? There's metal ones listed on ebay, but that could just be the outer covering with the diaphragm inside being exactly the same. Anyone know?

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    Check with a performance auto parts shop. They make inline valves like this for nitrous systems that would work I would think.
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    Go to mcmaster.com and type "air check valve" into the search box.
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