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Need Advanced Chemist

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    Hello my name is Dan,

    I am a high school junior and had an idea i need some help with. I am currently designing a sports drink for myself and my fellow cross country runners. I am planning on making a flavor, hypothetically lemonade first, then via multivitamin supplements, powder, and soft gel tablets. My question is reactivity, now im in AP Chemistry and i couldnt answer this one so any college professors or highly educated chemists. With all of these supplements being added amounting to approximately, are there going to be any reactions occuring? Also any suggestions you guys may have also appreciated.



    400 mcg folic acid
    2 mg Vitamin B6
    6mg Vitamin B12
    90mg Vitamin C
    beta-carotene Sodium (as Sodium Chloride)
    40 mg.

    Chloride(as Sodium Chloride)
    60 mg.

    Calcium (Chelate)
    50 mg

    Magnesium (Chelate)
    25 mg

    Potassium (Chelate)
    25 mg

    Vitamin B-6 (Pyrodoxine HCL)
    6.7 mg

    Manganese (Chelate)
    1.6 mg

    17 mg

    50 mg
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    how many electrons are in sodium and iodine
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