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Need advice about Chem. Eng. school (grad)

  1. Jan 18, 2009 #1
    I just graduated with a MSc degree (4-year program) in Applied Chemistry from University of Karachi, Pakistan. I am interested in pursuing a masters degree in Chemical Engineering.

    I have 63% in my undergrad degree, the top most student has 71%. I rank about 20th among 60 students.And I have a 118/120 on TOEFL iBT. I am planning to give GRE soon, will it affect my chances of getting in? I have no research experience but I did work on a final year project that entailed 'some' form of research involving the designing of a chemical production (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) plant. I also underwent a one month Industrial training program at BPL oil refinery (BOSICOR Pakistan limited).

    What I need are a couple of university recommendations where I've got a 'chance' of acceptance considering my academics. I have no inkling as to where I should apply. I do not desire to get into a VERY good school, an average place with a good faculty will do. Do Univs. offer scholarships and financial assistence to international students? And Yeah, low tuition and living costs are desirable. I was also wondering which is a better place (in terms of a chance of acceptance/cheaper financing) to apply out of Canada and USA?

    Any help/advice from a graduate student studying Chem. Engineering will be much appreciated !

    P.S. Sorry about asking too many questions in one post!
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