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Admissions Need advice for Getting into Biotech, Biomedical background

  1. Feb 1, 2017 #1
    I will be Graduating in Biomedical Engineering next semester. I spent a long time realizing that engineering methods, Optimization algorithms and Mechanics is not what Im specifically interested in. My interest lies more in Programming, Mol Bio, physiology, Mechatronics design and mainly research. I read about 1/3rd of Mol Bio of the Cell and I can enjoy it, I can enjoy learning about it.

    And so I am looking to transition into a more biology heavy program. I also want to be able to apply my electronics, programming and engineering skills. I have had projects such as programming an automated chemical analyzer for a summer job, Building and 3d printing drones, minor hacking. I have a strong "street knowledge" of all areas of engineering and I can learn to make most things. I want this to give me an edge in the field of research, development and MolBio. Rather than being disadvantaged because I didnt take as many Biochemistry courses.

    I have no BioTech program near where I live, so I plan to spend the next year preparing so that I can get into Biotech. As in taking courses.

    They have Bio Engineering MS however and it has similar admission requirements as biotech, but not as heavy on Mol Bio and Biochem, however they ask for more engineering knowledge(which I got covered). It doesnt seem as research and biology heavy as biotech and I really want to learn in depth about this subject. I want to go all in on this and not do engineering all day.

    Would taking 1 year in Molecular and biochem BS as perperation for getting into biotech be a good choice? with foundations such as Organic chemistry, Biochem, Cell biology, Mol Biology, Genetics I feel it'd be qualified however schools have varying programs.

    It seems most Biotech programs ask for Biochem BS, Chem Eng BS or Mol Bio BS. Would Biomedical Engineering BS + 1 year in Mol-&Biochem Fulfill admission requirements? If not I might have to take the entire Mol Bio program of 2-3 years, which will slow down my career and cost money, this is important to me, because in this case I'd rather go straight into BioEngineering.

    If you are a Bio technologist how did you get in?

    Also some extra questions: How is the job market for a bio technologist with a strong engineering background. Im looking for phD if that's what it takes. I read so many horror stories about Biomedical Engineers, as in they seem to be right in the middle of engineering and Life sciences, but not really all in on either unless at PhD level. As a result of this teams of specialists are chosen over over a single "jack of all trades" biomedical engineer. As far as I can tell biotech is too specialized and biology heavy for this to happen, and this influences my choice. BioEngineering seems to be similar as Biomedical engineering in that regard.
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