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Need Advice how to best continue studies

  1. Nov 11, 2009 #1
    I'm thinking of dropping my Linear Algebra class that is taught really poorly and which I haven't really been keeping up with. It is required for my major but I am transferring to a new school next semester and would rather just relearn the material properly then try to cram, not really understand the material and come away with a C or something(drop deadline is tonight and I have a huge cumulative midterm next Monday for Linear Algebra), so I have between now and then to essentially learn the material we've covered since teh beginning of October.

    Thing with the class is that the professor is old and nearly senile, constantly making mistakes with a ridiculously harsh grading scheme, any mistake essentially yields half credit for that problem. Furthermore, he assigns two difficult problem sets a week and often we only have a day between a lecture on the material and the set being due. Couple this with a book that is so bad that I have had to purchase two others to even try to zero in on the concepts presented in the class and you can begin to see how toling this class is on me.

    I'm worried this will look kind of bad considering I've already dropped an English class I was taking, turns out it isn't going to fullfil any requirments. So I will only be taking two courses for the rest of the semester, Multivar/Vector Calc and Intro E&M. I think I have a pretty good handle of the stuff in these classes. However, this semester has me very worried about my future because I just feel so overwhelmed and that I really have very little time to do anything besides problems or readings, even with a relatively lite schedule.

    When I was taking CompSci as a major I never had this problem, there were projects and tests but most of the time all you had to do to get by was keep up with the reading. In math and science courses the workload seems to be rather constant throughout the semester. How do people manage this? I feel as though I could easily take 2-3 classes a semester finishing my degree (err, four more years or so) and get all A's but how do I convert into the sort of person who can take a heavy load of 5 technical classes and ace all of them. As I've right now I just don't "get it."

    If anyone read this and actually fields like responding I'd be interested in people opinions on these questions:

    1. Should I just dump the LinAlg course and retake it in a few semesters in a better setting instead of forcing it now?
    2. Am I somehow studying grossly inefficiently or am I just not that smart?
    3. I have some inkling this "drowning" will get better in more advanced classes since topics are more focused and less scatter shot, so you really have more time to develop ideas, compared to say intro E&M where the ideas are brand new every class, is this correct or am I placing hope in a false hypothesis?
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