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Need advice: mech eng technology vs electrician

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    Hey all. So I'm at a point in my life where I have to make some serious decisions about what I want to do. Here's a quick sum up:
    Graduated from high school with mediocre grades, 72% average. Bad home situation.
    Graduated from university with a 3 year B.Sc Biology degree in 2005 with a B average.
    My mother passed away during the third year of my degree, making me complete the degree in 5 years as opposed to 3.
    I worked entry level jobs from 2005 to 2008 unrelated to my degree while i binge drank and dealt with anxiety brought on by my mothers death. At one point it got so bad where I did physical harm to myself and was admitted to the hospital.
    I returned to school in 2008 and attempted a computer science degree, only to get destroyed by the math requirements - I got an A in linear algebra and then a F in Calc, followed by a D in Calc. Thinking back, I realize that I stopped trying in math right around grade 10 or 11, probably why there's such a difference between the two courses.
    In 2010 I switched out of comp sci and into the arts, thinking that's where my natural inclination lies. Also in 2010, my father was diagnosed with stage 3b colo-rectal cancer and underwent chemo and rad treatment. I'm essentially his caregiver now - he recently had a fall and has double vision and a severe loss of mobility. He can only walk 50 meters before needing assistance.
    In 2011, I dropped out of second year english with A's across the board, simply because I didn't care, and thought I couldn't see myself doing something useful in the field or getting a stable job with the degree.

    Now I'm turning 30, and I need a job, and something that's not entry level. I'd like to do something science related, with a physics component. I've been thinking about going back to school and doing a 4 year in physics but right now, with my academic history, I don't think it's really an option. I've been thinking about Mechanical Engineering Technology or Electrician. In Canada, a journeyman electrician tops out between 65-75000. A mech tech is slightly higher depending on which company you work for, but sounds like it tops out around 70-80000. The electrician program is 10 months and will give me level 1 and 2 apprenticeship schooling of 4 levels. The mech tech program is 28 months, and starting wage is 42000. A level 3 electrician apprentice makes around 43-48000, which is what I'd be approximately after 36 months. I'm kind of leaning towards Electrician simply because of the shorter program. Worst case is I work for a few years, and decide on something else. Mech tech is a little longer and even being in school for another 2.5 years and not entirely sure about something makes me second guess myself. But with mech tech, there's the option of bridging into an engineering program, but again, I'm not sure if that's what I want to do.

    I'm not even sure why I'm writing this - I feel like I just kind of made my decision. LOL. Or maybe I just needed to vent. I guess I'd like to hear what others think given my academic history. And how much physics do you actually use as an electrician? Thanks guys.
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