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Need advice on academics

  1. Nov 10, 2004 #1
    i am very confused about the direction of my life right now.

    i want to be a mathematician or a physicist or an economist. the confusion doesnt come from the 3 fields i love, its the fact that i pull off good grades with minimal effort, but i cant ever seem to reach the level i want to reach.

    i have a lot of trouble finding time to advance my studies in mathematics, physics or eco. i end up doing nothing the entire day, and my life has no real structure.

    i dunno, i feel that inside of me, i have a machine that is waiting to be unleashed. i have shown sparks of it, sometimes i can dominate a classroom discussion on science or math. at other times i can get up getting a 50 on an easy quiz.

    my question to you is, how do i find this consistency????? how do i find this platuea that i am desperately trying to reach? what changes do i make to my life? what sacrifices must i make?

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    Just practice. That's all you can do. The understanding of these concepts is not innate, it comes with much practice.
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