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Need advice on calculus

  1. Nov 11, 2012 #1
    hi there im new here!..

    i just want to ask question about getting started with calculus (differential/integral)..
    ive started algebra and trigonometry a year ago and i love doing math exercises they say that calculus is hard but i dont believe them.. i want to start doing calculus, but i dont where to start, i read a little about calculus just the concepts,. functions,relations,derivatives,limits and so on..

    i just need advice where should i start in calculus(differential and integral) to Defferential Equations and im looking for your great advice
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    Personally, I think one of the best places to start is Lang his "First course in calculus". It doesn't focus very much on the very difficult background theory of limits, continuity and epsilon-delta statements. But it focuses more on the actual calculus such as integrals, derivatives and series. The book is quite rigorous (as is usual for Lang), but I think it's ok for a first course. When you finished it, you might want to try out a book like Spivak for everything you missed.

    Another great (secondary) resource is http://books.google.be/books/about/Counterexamples_in_Calculus.html?id=5e2N4HXWvXAC&redir_esc=y

    You might also want to check out Khan academy, Paul's notes and MIT Opencourseware. But do not use these as primary resources.
  4. Nov 12, 2012 #3
    ^thanks i appreciate your sincere kindness for sharing information where i can find lessons in calculus,
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