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Need advice on physics project.

  1. Aug 24, 2010 #1
    I am currently in Calculus 2 for engineers and my Uni is attempting a new program. This is a program by which a student can exempt themself from taking the final exam, replacing it with a project from within their department so long as it makes use of Calculus topics. I have completed the first sequence of general physics and was looking for some ideas that would be within the reach of someone with this level of experience. I also have a strong interest in astronomy/astrophysics and would like to possibly incoroporate that some how. I will have the entire semester to work on this project and it will need to be published in my Uni's science journal. Thanks in advance. I will be meeting with my physics professor later this week but I wanted to have at least two ideas to pitch before the meeting. Take care.

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