Need Advice really Badly

I am from India, wanted to pursue physics when was in high school, still want it,

I got admission into a top technical university (IIT Delhi) and took up a 4 year B.Tech in engineering physics because i just 'thought' that the word physics would mean i would be studying physics, the science (also didn't have anyone knowledgeable enough on these matters to ask to and was myself foolish enough not to find one)

Things got bad as I realized that this is not i wanted, most of the focus in my course was on the engineering aspect and mainly in material science and optics. I would score,out of 10, a 8 to 10 in courses i found interesting, and ended up flunking(which i had to repeat) or just getting a 4 or 5 in other courses. Dropping out and changing the course/university was too much for my parents, so i continued

Since most of the courses i flunked were my core courses, i now have an extended degree, i.e, i would be completing my course in 5 years with around 6 to 6.5 gpa

I want to pursue physics, i started studying physics (and programming too as i like it) in vacations by myself (when others are busy doing things to notch up their resume or just chilling out), when i realized i don't 'know' them as good as i should. So my basic quantum and electrodynamics are pretty strong (Still have to brush up classical as it wasn't paid much attention to by the department, and was taught by a lousy prof) . I will be doing a course in Java coming semester and have already studied major portion of it. I am also about to complete a book on GTR(a few chapters left).

I have got an year and a half left

About my future plans, the only thing I am sure of is getting Sun certificates by studying enough java and giving their exams.

I want to pursue an MS in theoretical physics, either from IISc in India(which puts quite a lot of emphasis on their entrance tests), or some good (not aiming for a top notch one) foreign university (2-3 profs of mine would give me reco, as i liked their courses) before going on for a PhD in a better university while pursuing the programming thing.

But I don't know to what extent this extended degree and 6 something cgpa are going to affect my plans for MS and PhD

Please 'enlighten' me
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I can relate to u in lot of things.I've done my Btech in ECE. Even im looking for guidance regarging graduation in physics.Im sad that no on has replied to this thread.newayz what r u up to ?Im planning to take JAM n searching for other institutes where i can pursue grad.
most probably, i'm going for CAT(mba), or a job, if i find a good one, will study physics by myself as a hobby, or a 'passion', if i use a better word, as i think i can do that better than when studying for a grade or something. Also hate the idea of somebody else sitting on my head and telling me what to do instead of having a free environment. I'll see if i can make something of the physics i study. That's the 'plan' rt. now, lets see what happens
okiee...... All ta best !!! I've read in some thread that "There's lot of difference between making a career in physics and being interested in it".
Yup there's to lot to look into, when we r making such decisions.

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