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Need advice!

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    Please Help! Need advice!

    I'm currently an CE major. I've decided to switch over to EE, since it's more math oriented and less programming. The only thing is that I'm not sure if I really am all that interested in electronics. It's like I could do the work, it's easy for me, but I'm not sure if I should do it because it's not my cup of tea. I look at my classmates and they're so excited about working on different electronic projects, while I could care less about it. I feel like I just want to finish the project and get it over with. Should this be a clue to me that maybe I'm pursuing the wrong career? Or will it get more interesting once I'm in a REAL JOB ENVIROMENT! I was also looking at Industrial Engineering. It seems to be more broad then just eletronics. Does anybody know exactly what Industrial Engineers do? Is the salary about the same? What are some career options? Thanks.
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    You would know if you were interrested in electronics or not ..if you are not really interrested in electronics , then switch..because it gets very involved later on and if you dont really like it now you will hate it later on..
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    Are you taking computer engineering or computer science? At the engineering colleges I looked at, there was a vast difference between the two. Computer science was all programming, I think they had to take calc I, but that was about it for math. Also, they didn't learn much about low level programming. Computer engineering on the other hand was as math intensive as any other engineering degree. It just had more programming courses while the electronics engineers took things like E&M and materials related classes.
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    Do you like music, TV, audio, radio, building robots, or remote-control? Then Electronics and Electrical Engineering is for you!

    Do you like programming graphics or computer games, connecting networks, messing with automation? Then Computer Programming is where its at.

    You can't tell by the 'LABS' what you will really enjoy, since in both fields, the university work is dull crap.
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    I agree with Rogue. To get a feel for what you would do in the real world with an EE degree, you need to visit more real-world settings. Try checking out the Med School and Vet School to see how they use electronic instruments in their medical work. Pretty cool motivator to do good work as an EE. And check out the IT department of several medium-to-large companies if you can, to see what cutting edge IT infrastructure looks like, both in hardware and software. That will start to get you motivated, if you have the natural inclination.

    If none of that piques your interest, then maybe EE/CE are not good matches for you. IE is a possibility like you say -- it involves more mechanical/artistic design of product enclosures. If you enjoy a mix of engineering and artistic design, then IE may well be a good match. Again, try to arrange a meeting with some IEs in medium-to-large companies to see what they do. Or if chemistry comes as naturally to you as EE/CE, maybe consider taking more biochem classes. Either with ChemE in mind, or maybe pre-med. Have you considered becoming a doctor?

    Back when I was in college, as part of our student IEEE group, we arranged a "field day" once a year, where we would pile a bunch of us on a bus and go visit a local electronics company. We visited several divisions of HP, as well as other companies. It helps so much to see what real engineers do on a daily basis -- what a big help in choosing a career path that will meet your objectives and expectations. Maybe try setting up something like that, either as a group, or individually if you have some contacts.

    Good luck! -Mike-
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