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Need assistance on my physics research paper.

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    I'm currently in high school Physics B AP, and we have been given a research project in which we can pick our own topic. The topic I have chosen to research is the Higgs boson, commonly known as the "god particle". We have to write a research paper (5-7 pages only), create a physical model of some sort (I will likely make a board of some sort), and we must preform an oral presentation to the open public.

    As part of our requirements for the paper, we must contact an individual in a field related to our topic whom is willing to do an interview (email is fine). I really do not know anyone or anywhere to find someone who would be able to assist me with it, so I am going to ask here if there is anyone either in college or graduated who majored in Theoretical/Particle physics who is knowledgeable on the subject. If any of you know someone within the field who may be knowledgeable enough for an interview, please add me as a contact and shoot me an email.

    As for anyone else, any resources you know of on the Higgs particle would be most obliged, as I am finding this difficult to find resources for. I intend to go down to the local college library to do what research I can (right down the road, thankfully). I intend on majoring in Theoretical physics, so please feel free to include anything you found particularly interesting even if it's only slightly related, as I'm always looking for good physics books.

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