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Need basic help with MAD-X

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    I'm trying to work with the MAD-X software from CERN, but am having trouble with the basic steps. There's a lot of texts about how to define the properties of the accelerator elements but I need to know exactly what I need to do to get the codes into MAD-X... how do I load my text files, and in what format do they need to be? Why does it crash when I type "QF:QUADRAPOLE,L=0.5,K1=0.2;" into the command window? How do I save the output files?

    In principle, I'm looking for a sort of dummies guide for MAD-X. I am not aware at all of the C/C++ or linux environments.

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    The best way to use MAD-X is to write your code in a text editor and not in the command line.

    If you are using windows then you can drag and drop your file onto the MAD-X icon and it will run. If you are working on Linux or Mac the navigate to the directory where mad lives from a terminal window.

    Now type ./madx < /your_directory/your_file.txt and hit enter. This will run the script.

    Outputs etc. are defined in the script. Below is a simulation of electron beam transport through a quadrupole triplet. A plot and table of twiss parameters are output.

    You may also find this short tutorial about MAD useful, which for most purposes differs only in syntax.

    IB:= 57.6/1.8;


    E_beam = IB*1.8E-3;

    BEAM, ENERGY=E_beam, EXN=1E-6, EYN=1E-6, SIGE=0.01;


    T0: LINE=(T0d1,T0Q1,T0d2,m1,T0d2,T0Q2,T0d2,m2,T0d2,T0Q3,T0d4,fp);

    T0d1: Drift, L:=D2;
    T0Q1: Quadrupole, L=0.0255, K1:=266.664;
    T0d2: Drift, L:=D1;
    m1: MARKER;
    T0Q2: Quadrupole, L=0.0545, K1:=-265.155;
    m2: MARKER;
    T0Q3: Quadrupole, L=0.039, K1:=268.538;
    T0d4: Drift, L:=0.186-(4*D1)-D2;
    fp: Monitor, L=0;
    T0d5: Drift, L=0.114;




    SELECT, FLAG=TWISS, clear;

    SELECT, FLAG=TWISS, column=name,s,betx,alfx,bety,alfy,Dx,DPx;

    USE, period=BEAMLINE;

    twiss,BETX=bx,BETY=by,ALFX=ax,ALFY=ay,file=TWISSTABLE_1.txt, save;
    plot,haxis=s, vaxis1=BETX,betY, vaxis2=Dx,Dy, Hmin=0, Hmax=0.5,Vmin=0,-1,vmax=50,1,interpolate, colour=100;

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