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Need career advice!

  1. May 18, 2005 #1
    I am currently on towards my undergraduate degree in Physics, with a minor in Computer Science.

    Besides physics and math, I enjoy working with computers, programming, and using CAS's such as Maple and Matlab.

    I am planning to work towards a master's degree in applied sceince but a PhD in Physics is not an option for me so the problem is "what can I do with an undergraduate degree in physics?" (Or what kind of master's program should I consider ?)
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    a masters in Computational/Simulations Science is probably your best bet.
    Look to make sure you nearly qualify for a specific dept...with mostlikely a year of undergrad to make the qualificaion.

    Talk toe the Grad Advisors about Cross-Departmental research...for example
    UBC and CMU both do cs/math/psych ...some schools also have a math/bio

    so what your looking for will mostlikely be a cs/phys/math.
    If you also enjoy playing games-perhaps Game Physics Engines will be your career of choice...then I suggest studying up on SPatial Management(mesh methods, BSPs, Octrees) as well CLASSICAL/ANal Mech.

    ANother Alternative is Computational Astrophysics(if you like the pretty pictures)
  4. May 19, 2005 #3
    thanks for the advice!

    I guess I need to start looking for interdisciplinary programs.
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