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Need career guidance Nuclear Engineeringor?

  1. Apr 6, 2010 #1
    Need career guidance!! Nuclear Engineering..or??

    Hi everyone!

    I just graduated from an undergraduate degree in physics...and now i'm stumped as to what i should be doing next. I'm thinking of working at a local company for a year then proceed to taking higher degree courses. As of now, I live in the 3rd World country called the Philippines which is suffering the worst Electricity-Shortage problem in our history...If only we had 300MW more of power..oh yeah! there was this one nuclear powerplant that was constructed many years back but was not put into operation because of fears (unbased fears).

    That is why I thought I would pursue a Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering in the future. Of course we don't have that kind advanced course here in our country, that is why i prefer to study somewhere abroad. I have this extended family in the city of Melbourne, Australia...that is why I would like to ask if is there anyone around here that has an idea if there are competent universities that offer such a course as above? By the way, I do not come from such a well-off family and would prefer that the university I enroll in would offer scholarships. In terms of academic background, I could say I am not that much lacking. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and have a couple of extra-curricular awards and activities.

    On the other hand, I predict that solar technology would become our primary source of energy in the future. So I also thought that if not Nuclear, let's go solar! So which do you thing would be better than both? What Master's Degree should I take if I wanted to be an credible expert (redundant yes?) in Solar technology? Are there any known universities in Australia that offer such a course?

    Any help will be very much appreciated!
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